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In Latin means test, proof, trail, attempt.

How We Mantain Our Quality

We’re always on track with the latest technologies and practices in the industry.
Testival Meetup
We are co-organizing Testival meetups, as part of our goal to spread the knowledge about software testing craft.
Association For Software Testing
The Association for Software Testing is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to Context-Driven principles.
Black Box Software Testing Courses
We strongly recommend online software testing courses from the BBST series that are organized by Association for software testing.

Tools We Created

We keep it simple.
Counterstrings were created by James Bach. You can read more about counterstrings here.
Blitzy is load testing tool based on Erlang OTP technology and written in Elixir.
Have something to test?

Let’s Do It!

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